Benefits of a Marketing Health Check in Waterford

When you’re a hectic business owner, it can be easy to let things slip and the company to become misguided. Marketing as we’re all aware is essential for short and long-term growth, and if it’s off track, it’ll slow down, or even stop.

That’s where one of our Marketing Health Checks can help.

If you’re an SME in Waterford that needs a marketing boost, a start-up needing direction, or an established firm wanting stronger growth plans, there’s a Marketing Health Check to suit you.

What you get in every Check

✓ Brand check with competitor analysis

✓ Review of current marketing activities

✓ New marketing tactics to incorporate into strategy

✓ Growth advice – including product/service

✓ Actionable marketing report with traffic light colour-coding for easy referencing

✓ Delivered via Skype or meeting.

How does it work?

Before we talk, I’ll carry out research into your company/industry. We’ll then meet/Skype to go through where your company is now, and most importantly where you want to head.

Having carried out research, I’ll produce a report highlighting areas that need addressing, and visit/Skype again to go through tangible and actionable ideas and recommendations which will realign your business.

You’ll be back on track again and have a checklist of future plans to develop and grow.

The marketing report includes traffic light colour coding, so you can easily reference parts that need attention. It can also form the start of a new marketing plan/strategy.

My charges

Skype Essential

Start-up Session

Premium Support (includes free online Twitter course)

I’ll happily travel to your office to carry out the Marketing Health Check. In fact, I prefer it that way as I can get a real understanding of your business. So depending on your location, I can base my cost on that.

And if you want to look at future marketing, we can work out a project cost.

Skype Essential
Covering your marketing essentials, this package will get you on track with tangible ideas to make a real impact. All delivered via Skype.
✓ Brand check
✓ Review of current marketing
✓ New marketing tactics
✓ Growth advice
✓ Summary marketing report
✓ Delivered worldwide via Skype
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Start-up Session
Starting a new company? Great. This session will give you knock-out marketing from the start, and you’ll be in a great position to attract customers, and investors!
✓ Brand check/development
✓ Review of current marketing
✓ New marketing tactics
✓ Growth on a budget
✓ Actionable marketing report
✓ Skype or meeting format
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Premium Support
Popular package that delivers a comprehensive marketing overview, with practical and actionable advice for short and long-term growth.
✓Brand check
✓Review of current marketing
✓New marketing tactics
✓Sales/service strategies
✓Growth suggestions
✓Actionable marketing report
✓Meeting based strategy talks
✓Free online Twitter course, worth €54
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Giving Back initiative

Interested in a Marketing Health Check and also want to help a good cause? Great, then my Giving Back initiative will really help.

I’ve always been a firm believer in giving back. This could be anything from volunteering, to helping out a neighbour.

That’s why I thought it would be great to use the Marketing Health Checks as a way of helping our communities. For any company that has a marketing review, I’ll donate to their chosen charity, good cause or community project.

So how does it work? Once the Marketing Health Check is complete, and I receive payment, I’ll make contact with your chosen non profit and give them the donation (10% of cost). You get great marketing advice and your good cause gets a financial boost – happy days!

Richard Povey -
your own Marketing Manager