Concrete reasons to outsource your marketing

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May 3, 2017
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Concrete reasons to outsource your marketing

Concrete outsource marketing reasons - povey communications

I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked in marketing to see both agency and client side.

A life in advertising is manic, and exciting too – you’re amongst a wealth of clients, working on projects that need delivering on budget, and to deadline (normally down to the wire!)

Working on so many different campaigns brings skills and knowledge from all areas, proving vital for the next project.

And when you switch seats and become the Marketing Manager for a company, you have a dedication and focus on one thing – the business you’re in and only that.

So when I talk to clients now, as an independent marketing consultant, I can blend both experiences and truly appreciate why outsourcing marketing can bring many benefits.

Whatever size of company, hiring an outside marketing specialist to handle your marketing, be it a one-off project or long-term contract can be a positive experience.

So if you’re a start-up, SME or global brand, I’ve put together the reasons why outsourcing can be the best move you’ve ever made.


When you’re starting a company from scratch, the money side is no doubt tight, so spending on marketing personnel seems a distant dream. But acting as an entrepreneur, you know marketing is vital for short and long term growth, particularity if you’re trying to compete with more established brands.

This is where outsourcing excels.

Hiring a professional to handle your early marketing can prove crucial. Not only do they have experience you would not normally be able to afford, they can pull together your marketing efforts from the very beginning. From a strong brand and web presence to overall marketing strategy, you’ll have a clear, confident and competitive start to your business.

Once the strategy is in place, you can then start to handle the marketing on your own, as there’s a guide in place. And when budgets allow, you can then think about outsourcing again or permanent marketing people.


You may be an SME that’s been operating for many years and steadily built up a great bottom line. In fact, things are going so well that you’re too busy. But when this happens, things can slip. Does this sound like you?

We’ve all heard it in business – focus. If you lose sight of the goal, things go astray and you lose competitiveness. So if you’re finding that your marketing is starting to slide because of other business pressures, look to outsource.

Taking the strain off certain, or all, of your marketing efforts, allows you to re-focus, play to your strengths and plan for the future. By giving the marketing to a third-party, you know it’ll be done professionally and given the time it deserves.


It’s not just start-ups and SMEs that can benefit from looking outside the company for marketing. The biggest players out there can also reap the rewards.

Take a large marketing function at a global company. They’ve been working on various marketing channels for years, and consistently look at what works for them – and this of course is a great way to work.

But let’s say there’s a one-off project that has never been done before. No doubt in-house can handle it – but what about outsourcing it? If they did, they’d get a different perspective on the project, a fresh pair of eyes, seen through someone who’s not so closely associated with the business.

That way the company will get a unique, professional piece of marketing, and perhaps make the team think differently when they look at future marketing.

Ten benefits of outsourcing your marketing:

1. Flexibility: You name it, an outsourcer can handle it. From copywriting and design, to branding, web development and long-term marketing contracts. So whatever you’ve got in mind, there’s someone to suit you and your budget, offering complete flexibility for your company.
2. Eliminate the risks: Employing people is one of the first big steps in expanding a business. By outsourcing, you can delay this and therefore not let yourself open to unnecessary risks and still get professional support when you need it.
3. Healthy on your pocket: Hiring a professional for specific jobs means you’re only paying for specific jobs. Therefore the costs are more efficient. This helps when budgeting in your business strategy and gives you firm control of costs in the future. Also, if you notice a downturn in your economy, and you have a marketing employee, it’s difficult to handle costs. With lower overheads on a third-party, you can better plan for economic woes.
4. They’re not blinkered: When you recruit an outside person, they’ll handle your project and if they’re good, will offer more too. When I say more, I mean they’ll see other potential marketing opportunities and know how to exploit them too. You may not see these as you’re immersed in work and can develop a blinkered approach.
5. A different perspective: If I had a euro for every time I met a client who said “I hadn’t thought of that” I probably would be on a Greek island by now retired! When you recruit an outside person, they see your project differently because they haven’t been immersed in your company like you have. So a new-look to your business and marketing will bring a different and more engaging approach to projects.
6. Focus, focus, focus: Marketing is a vital function and takes time to do it properly, so don’t leave it on the back burner. Give it to a marketing pro and you can focus on what you’re good at and develop the business strategy.
7. Ease: There are plenty of portals out there to find the right freelancer for you. Just a quick search, use filters and you’ll have your project sorted in no time. It’s easy and you’ll save time too by recruiting someone full-time. Try sites like or
8. Experience that counts: Many marketing professionals out there really know their stuff and have been put through the stress test of marketing work (creativity, pressure and deadlines!). So you’re getting a huge amount of marketing expertise for low outlay – a clever way to work.
9. Keep it simple: If you outsource to just one person, it centralises your marketing activity, rather than spreading it for separate projects, like web, social media and PR. That way you’ll operate more effectively.
10. They’re trendy: A marketing consultant has to keep up to date with latest trends in marketing, so they can keep on top of their game. So hiring one will introduce new tactics you never thought of, and keep you ahead of competitors.
You can probably tell I’m a great believer in outsourcing work. Why not try it yourself?
On your next marketing project, talk with a third-party and see what their take on it is. If they know what they’re talking about, they’ll give fresh, great ideas, and at a price that won’t make you wobbly at the knees. You’ll then have concrete marketing to be proud of.
Note from the Editor (aka me): This post was originally published 23 May 2017, and has been updated for accuracy and new content.

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