Irish businesses benefit from free marketing advice

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November 4, 2019
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October 20, 2020
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Irish businesses benefit from free marketing advice

FREE Mini Marketing Review - povey communications

Waterford or Cork based, and does this sound like you?…

  • You have a business idea but not sure where to start
  • You’ve got a business concept but don’t know when to launch
  • You have launched but have no direction to growth
  • Your business is established but have stagnant growth

No worries – I can help!

Because I’ve been involved in many stages of developing a business; research, pre-start, launch and growth, I can quickly identify areas that need developing to ensure you’re on the right track to meet your goals.

And because I’m pretty passionate about helping companies, I thought to launch my latest service – FREE Mini Marketing Reviews.

They’re a mini version of my comprehensive Marketing Health Checks, and form the ideal starting point to develop your business and marketing strategy.

We’ll go through key areas like strategy, branding, web, product/service, design – in fact anything I feel relevant that should be improved.

After our meeting, you’ll have an outline plan of direction and feel more confident about the next stage of your business.

You’ll also get a valuable and tailored summary report so you can review my recommendations.

And all conveniently delivered via an online meeting.

Here’s an example of a Waterford food client I’ve helped >>>

This food manufacturing company was trading on a very limited scale, and wanted help in deciding about scaling up and how.

They had already created a brand, had a good product, and also had plenty of knowledge about the food they were producing.

The starting point wasn’t actually about marketing, but on business strategy. At the time, they hadn’t an outline guide as to what income projection they wanted, and also, how to achieve this.

So I suggested producing a business plan that shows business goals and objectives, to give them confidence on their direction.

We then discussed revenue streams including increasing stockists, bulk sales and launching an ecommerce website.

And because the owner had unique and extensive experience in their industry, I recommended holding talks at their Waterford home to encourage additional sales.

To date, the company is progressing with the business plan and have also added new revenue streams.

If this sounds like the position you’re in, visit my Mini Marketing Review page to learn more – and get in contact to get your business growing.

Please remember though, the Mini Marketing Reviews are limited as they are free.

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