14 years in business!

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December 21, 2014
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14 years in business!

povey communications 14 years

This month 14 years ago I started povey communications – and it began with a picture at a sheep fair!

My first client was a house builder in the UK. I provided PR coverage of a road race they were sponsoring – all part of a housing development in the village which holds an annual sheep fair. I had to take a picture at the start of all the runners before they set off – so I only had one chance – and I was using an early Kodak digital camera!

Thankfully all went well, the picture was amazing, runners were happy and I had a very satisfied client with lots of positive PR.

Since then, it’s been an amazing 14 years. I’ve worked in a host of industries – travel, toys, teaching English, recruitment, publishing, building and fashion.

To get the best for my clients I’ve climbed the tallest cranes, met Royalty, had a giant 5ft toothbrush made, learnt to Yo-Yo with Champions and even had a selfie with Postman Pat!

And here’s to the next 14 years – and if it’s anything like the last – it’ll be fun!


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